East London line opening

The extension of the East London Line ran to West Croydon for the first time on Sunday 23rd May.

To celebrate the launch, free travelcards were available so everyone could sample the new route. At all the stations there were pleny of balloons in the orange and white colours of London Overground, to which the East London Line now belongs.

There were also performers from the Goldsmiths College journalism project East London Lines who travelled up and down the line.

I travelled from West Croydon to Dalston Junction and back, stopping off to take photographs and check out some of the new or refurbished stations (Dalston Junction, Hoxton and Shoreditch High Street).

I also unintentionally gave myself a sample of the screeching noise which the trains make at various points (eg. Shoreitch High Street) – not pleasant for those living or working nearby.

Click through for other information and reports:

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~ Londonist – Introducing the East London Line West Croydon
~ East London Lines – Rail link to Croydon 1 billion upgrade completed this weekend
~ CultureLine

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