London Road: shops after the riots

So many shops in the Broad Green section of London Road were looted and damaged by the rioters. Many of them are small independent shops which can ill afford the loss of a week’s trade. The cleaning up goes on and several are now open again, even if the repairs haven’t been finished yet.

Tesco Express, on the corner of London Road and Greenside Road, will reopen in two weeks, a Tesco spokesperson confirmed.

Not so the Co-operative (formerly Somerfield), which will not be re-opening at all, having apparently already been marked for closure. A spokesperson for The Co-operative Group sent the following statement:

“Members of staff at our London Road store in Croydon were told on Wednesday 20 July that the store would close on Friday 26 August.

“The decision was taken with the greatest reluctance and is due to the store’s poor trading performance, and is not, in any way, a reflection on the commitment and hard work of the store team.

“As the store suffered significant damage during last week’s riots, the decision has been taken to close the store as of now. The Co-operative remains committed to our customers in Croydon and our stores on Morland Road and Green Lane will continue to trade as usual.

“Every effort is being made to redeploy as many of the 17 members of staff with The Co-operative Group, or to help them find alternative employment.”

Whilst feeling sympathetic to the Co-operative after the damage and loss of stock, it’s pretty shabby that there’s not even a typed notice to local residents and customers pinned on the boarded up front of the store. I found out by ringing their Press Office, but is that what they expected everyone to do? Come on – Broad Green deserves better.

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