Riots Communities and Victims Panel calls for evidence

The Riots Communities and Victims Panel has set up its website and put out a ‘national call for evidence’ to help understand the causes of the riots in August.

From week beginning the 19th September, the panel will travel around the country to meet people and hear their views face to face. Letters are being sent to communities and organisations across the country to ask people to come forward with their views.

But you don’t have to wait to be invited: you can email or write and post your views directly to the Panel. Darra Singh, Chair of the Riots Communities and Victims Panel, said: “We want to talk to the residents, shop keepers, parents, young people, council workers, youth leaders, faith organisations, ‘riot wombles’ – this is a panel for the people. So today we’re making a national call for evidence. We want people to write, email and talk directly to us so that everyone has the chance to have their voice heard.”

Send your views by email to:
or by post to: Riots Panel, 6th Floor, Eland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5DU.

Let us know if you are invited to a face to face meeting with the Panel – we will also put an update on this website once we know the Panel’s schedule.

Topics to be looked at by the Panel:
~ the motivation for a small minority of people to take part in riots;
~ why the riots happened in some areas and not others;
~ how key public services engaged with communities before, during and after the riots;
~ what motivated local people to come together to take civic action to resist riots in their area or to clean up after riots had taken place;
~ how communities can be made more socially and economically resilient in the future, in order to prevent future problems; and
~ what they think could have been done differently to prevent or manage the riots.

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