Croydon’s Local Independent Review Panel

Croydon has set up a Local Independent Review Panel to look into the riots in Croydon on 8th August.

The panel of five people is being chaired by William Barnett QC and will submit its findings to the national Riots Communities and Victims Panel.

Anyone can contact the Croydon Panel to contribute – the terms of reference are as follows:
1. To contribute local evidence to the National Communities and Victims Panel.
2. To examine why the civil disturbances/riots took place in Croydon, to record and place on the record what happened and how the various regional and local agencies responded.
3. To assemble written and oral information, review and sift relevant data.
4. To provide a summary of lessons to be learnt for the avoidance of a recurrence.
5. To make public the findings of the review and any recommendations.
6. The time frame for completion of the work of the Panel is up to five months.

or send your letter to The Secretary, Croydon Independent Local Review Panel, 5th floor, Taberner House, Park Lane, Croydon CR9 3BT

Submissions must arrive by Monday, 10 October, 2011, in order to be considered by the Panel.

You can also submit your evidence and views direct to the National Communities and Victims Panel – click here for details.

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