London Road (the A235, postcode CR0) runs north out of Croydon. It starts at the junction with Derby Road, near West Croydon station, and ends at Thornton Heath Pond*. Along its length it has a wide range of shops, businesses and organisations serving local people and the whole of Croydon, as well as those of regional importance, such as the Employment Tribunals London South centre.

On the 8th August 2011, London Road suffered widespread looting and damage in the riots.

This website has been set up by local individuals and organisations (including Broad Green Residents Association) and aims to support London Road and the area around it. It is independent from official bodies (such as the Council and the Police) and from any political parties, although we will be publishing information provided by them where applicable. The website will be an ongoing one, so it’s not just about the riots or the immediate recovery, important as these obviously are at the moment.

Get in touch and let us know about anything which we’ve missed.

*There is another section of London Road running through Thornton Heath (the A23, postcode CR7), which is outside the scope of this website.


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