News roundup

There has been extensive coverage of the riots and their aftermath in the local and national media.

In this section we have linked to some of the news items and individual stories from or including London Road. Contact us to add your story or to tell us about others which you’ve read.

~ Croydon funds help riot-hit businesses to bounce back (Evening Standard, 19th September 2011, via NewsEdge)
~ Croydon victims made homeless by riots speak of struggles (Croydon Guardian, 7th September 2011)
~ London Road businesses begin recovery following the riots (Croydon Guardian, 7th September 2011)
~ Planning rules lifted to help riot restoration (Croydon Advertiser/This Is Croydon Today, 2nd September 2011)
~ Croydon’s London Road re-opening draws closer (London Recovers website, 1st September 2011)
~ London Road stories: homeless and helpless (Inside Croydon, 1st September 2011)
~ London Road stories: the Hassans’ Londis store (Inside Croydon, 27th August, 2011)
~ London Road stories: Okay Niyazi’s dry cleaning business (Inside Croydon, 25th August, 2011)
~ Fund to help flautist who lost everything in Croydon riots (Croydon Guardian, 25th August 2011)
~ “We’re still scared” admits Croydon trader (Croydon Guardian, 15th August 2011)
~ Flautist Carla Rees loses instruments in Croydon riot fire (The Guardian, 14th August 2011)
~ Counting the cost of the riots: the street where looters caused £14m damage in 12 hours (The Telegraph, 14th August 2011)


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